This is Adam Holt: CD
  • This is Adam Holt: CD
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Adam Holt's 2005 album, featuring 10 original songs and two covers.

"Could you imagine the Beatles’ 'Blackbird' covered as a country-blues-rock song? I’d hate such blasphemy. But having heard a short clip from Adam Holt’s brand new CD, This is Adam Holt, now feeling it quite natural, as if the world was waiting just for this. The album seems to contain the very best of Adam’s works of the last three years. Every track is a potential hit 'Someone to Love', the opening track, excellent acoustic blues 'Six Strings Down'.” — Paul Bondarovski, Midnight Special Blues Radio - Paris, France

  1. Someone to Love
  2. Blackbird
  3. Years Go By
  4. My Inside's Cryin'
  5. She Left Town
  6. Let's Talk About Love
  7. Draw the Line
  8. Mean Ole' Woman
  9. Will You Remember Me?
  10. Alright With Me
  11. Interrogation Blues
  12. Six Strings Down
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