Studio '78

Studio '78 is Adam Holt's recording studio nestled in the backyard of small town Alabama; a small place with a BIG sound. As the area's only studio to offer fully analog recording, the centerpiece of Studio '78 is an Ampex MM1100 2” 16 track and a 3M M79 2" 24 track machine. An original Ampex 440A and a Tascam 42B also serve as separate choices for 1/4" mixdown of masters. Mixing is done through a highly modified 32 channel Amek/TAC Scorpion. An assortment of Neve, API, and Langley mic pre's, LA2, LA3, 1176, and Neve compressors, effects, and microphones are utilized as well. BUT...the studio also uses a 32 channel Antelope Audio 32 AD/DA paired with an iMac and Cubase 7.5 for digital recording, editing, mixing, or whatever your needs may be. Contact Adam today for more info on recording your next album or demo.