From the recording Kind of Blues

Written by Adam Holt
Adam Holt Music Publishing/ASCAP
Adam Holt - vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Owen Finley - bass
Mark Welborn - pedal steel
Greg Deluca - drums


I'm alone
I'm alone
Waiting for her to come home
For so long it chills me to the bone

I believe
I believe
That she still loves me
So I'm still holdin’ on

I'll pray
And I'll pray
She'll come back some day
Lord knows how long she's been gone

But I'll wither away
Waitin’ for that day
Cuz I'm still holdin’ on

I'll just close my eyes
And I'll say goodnight
And hope for another morn
And if the sun doesn't shine
Well I'll be alright
I'll just keep holdin’ on

I'm alive
I'm alive
And I must survive
When I'm at the end of my rope

I'm free
I'm free
When death comes for me
Til then I'm still holdin’ on